Who We Are, at Kitchen Automatique?


February 10, 2024

We, at Kitchen Automatique, believe in technology should be created to enhance and nourish human lives. And we are doing that through powerful culinary tools. We think by giving people incredibly powerful and intelligent culinary tools, they can then easily create delightful dishes and go nourish themselves and their communities.

Our different approach

Numerous startups set out to make countertop appliance but focused on push-a-button and cook product that the food is supposedly better tasting than a microwaved food. Because they and their customers view cooking as a chore or a problem.

However, we are building kitchen products for those with a real passion for cooking and want to make culinary delights that taste as good as they make you feel. Because we think the most game changing cooking products are built by and for the truly passionate cooks, from novice home cooks to Michelin Starred chefs.

And we called them the cooking people.

This group of people are different from others. They will do "things" unconditionally and with love for cooking. As opposed to the other cooking as a chore people, once the monetary incentive is gone, they lose motivations to continue improving their product because they don't have a passion for the craft. They are never truly cooking people.

As the saying goes, one must love what one does to push the bar forward.

At Kitchen Automatique, that's what's driving us.

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